January 2006 Entries

Have you done your ego search. Here it is.

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Thanks to Bernard Oh that I am testing MSN Messenger Live 8 now. The other thing is www.live.com. This is a personlised web page for your RSS feeds. You can even import OPML files. No login or membership required. It picks up your Windows user name. This is cool, I liked it.

Have you seen my new SubText skin? Does this familiar to you? Simone said he will be installing WordPress and I have done it too on my local machine and love the default skin, I was thinking that why we don't have a skin like this on SubText. And here is the result.

As I am involving more with the design side of things, I am discovering new things (well, new to me). I have found this Color Scheme Editor which gives you a lot of possibilities to play with the color of your web pages.

I was registering my debit card with Yes Optus to re-charge it. The operator on the other end of the phone asked my previous address!!!!!????? Why do you need this data? She also asked all my personal details including date of birth, current address etc. Oh come on, all you need is my credit card information. I am recharging a pre-paid phone only not registering for the parliament to be a senator. On the other hand, when their databases filled up because of bad analysis and design, they will be hiring one of us.

These days we are trying to find a rental place to move in. You won't believe the forms that you need to fill in. And each member of the family has to fill in. They are also asking salaries of each family member and 2 recent payslips. Based on my work contract, I can't disclose this information to others. Previous referees and my employer's contacts should be more than enough for those forms. I understand that they are trying to protect themselves, but surely people like me who are trying to rent a place does not deserve the trouble of filling out those forms. Think that you are applying about 10 places and there are 20 forms to fill out. I am glad that at least they are not asking to Uzay to fill out some forms.

I was reading my bi-monthly Oracle magazine and noticed that they are providing an express edition of Oracle 10g beta. If you want to play with it, you can download from oracle.com/technology/xe. There are also Oracle Developer Tools for VS.NET which you may need on the same link.

Happy new year to all of my readers. Here in Canberra, the weather is hot. I have moved the laptop to downstairs with a long network cable because the upper floor is really hot and it affects my sinus badly. Yesterday night in Canberra, there were fireworks, concert of Babba (tribute to Abba), lots of drunk people and lots of security personnel. All in all; it was a nice night, no major dramas. Uzay behaved extremely well (touch to wood); he mostly slept through the night.


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