April 2006 Entries

During the installation of VSTS RTM, I am getting the below error. Does anyone know how to pass this problem?

The exception unknown software exception (0xe053534f) occurred in the application at location 0x77e55dea.

UPDATE: The problem is msvb7.dll. I need the new version of this dll. More information is on http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=915038. Now, I can't even install professional version.

When I have got the trial CDs of VSTS and Team Foundation Server, I have been surrounded by this urge to install them.

I do not have a proper computer to run VPC and VSTS image. My fastest machine is my laptop (I know, I need to upgrade) running Windows 2003 Server on PIV 2Ghz with 720mb memory. All my development and personal files are on this computer. I guess, if you want to play with new technology, you need to make some sacrifices.

I have started with a clean up and uninstalled unnecessary and duplicate applications like SQL Server 2005 DE, VS etc. I have started with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition. Somehow, the interactive installation did not install the default instance. I had to uninstall SQL Server 2000 as well just to remove default instance and make more room for others.

I have installed SQL Server 2005 with the answer file from the command prompt. This answer file is on the TFS DVD called SQL2005ForATDT.ini and the chm help file for TFS installation explains how to use it.

During the TFS setup, after a check for necessary components you will see a report about the errors/warnings which may stop the installation. If you have set the IIS and WWW services to manual like me (I don't want them running always) the error report says they are not running although they are running but set to manual. When you change them to "automatic" error goes away.

After starting necessary services and changing startup options; the only 2 warnings were about the CPU and RAM being less than the suggested amounts. As soon as I get approvals from my wife I will upgrade these Wink . For now, it should run with what is on hand.

Installation went smooth and without any 32000 errors like before. After this I have installed VSTS2005. Well at least I have tried. This 180 days trial edition of VSTS didn't install all the components and gave errors during the installation. Installation finished successfully but it gave me an error whenever I tried to open VSTS. I have uninstalled VSTS and trying to install now again. See how it goes.

This is the biggest event where you can see the technology available to government agencies, meet with people from IT departments, get lots of information about the products, hear success stories and learn how the ICT departments implementing tools, methodologies etc. As I am involving with workflow, document and content  management systems at work, this event is like Google Ad Sense for me. There was nothing that I am not interested in and the information I have got out of it was definitely useful.

I like these events because while you are seeing the companies producing some of the technologies during the little seminars, there are also conferences given by head of ICT departments of government agencies. This year I have selected some of them and watched closely to get some benefit out of them.

Event has been organised by Terrapinn and names like EMC2, Interwoven, SoftwareAG, AirDefense etc. were the contributors.

The first mini seminar that I attended was given by Clive Gold of EMC about the Information Management and Structure systems in a video surveillance system. The data coming out of video cameras (analog or IP based) is recorded on hard disks and with a front end application you can go through the recorded video and track who is doing what. This front end application is also integrated with swipe cards so that the videos recorded at a gateway can be linked to swipe card behavior. There is also a face recognition system integrated to actually compare the faces with the swipe cards to see if the swipe card has been used by it's owner. EMC's video recording system is using open video codec standards.

Clive Gold, EMC Corporate Evangelist

Another conference given by Greg Farr of Australian Taxation Office about the new Change Program. Greg talked about how ATO is masquerading the complexity of the tax laws from tax payers and tax agents with the application like e-Tax and Tax Agent Portal. The usage of Tax Agent Portal in December 2002 was 19% and it increased to 52% at December 2005. 82% of the Tax Agents are using the Tax agent Portal.

"The biggest problem in the eye of customers were when they called in ATO they would like to speak with the same call centre staff as they spoke before to prevent repeating their life story" he said. This is made possible.

A buzzword I have heard was the "citizen-centric". Government organisations are dealing with mostly legislations and internal processes of their business. This is a organisation-centric approach. ATO has gone further and listened people to introduce a more easier and personalised experience for it's customers.

Greg Farr, Second Commissioner, Australian Taxation Office

Federal agent Nigel Phair from Australian High Tech Crime Centre talked about how we need to be educated about the secure usage of internet and computers. The importance of patching and antivirus applications, protecting yourself from spam and phishing e-mails were the subjects. AHTCC is fighting with illegal activities on the internet. You can report an online crime through their portal. I was asking presenters whether it is okay to put their pictures on my blog and Nigel was the only one asking what kind of blog?

Nigel Phair, Team Leader, AHTCC

On the second day Robert Campbell from Defense Signals Directorate talked about the risk management and mitigation techniques in IT security. DSD is a government organisation dealing with signals intelligence and information security and they have a guideline called ACSI 33. This guideline provides policies to Australian Government agencies on how to protect their IT systems. It is a nice reading material for those interested.

Robert Campbell, Assistant Secretary, DSD

The last conference I have attended was given by Tony Kwan, CIO of Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST). It was about adopting an architectural approach in e-government and e-education. He first showed an old, messy, tightly coupled system diagram and a new one divided into components which increases the reusability and security of the system. Their approach of architecting the system will help to easily design, build and manage the necessary systems for Australia's education sector. There are about 30.000 external customers and this number is expected to grow over 1 million during the 2006-2007 academic calendar.

Tony Kwan, CIO, DEST

As a conclusion, events like this are a gem for me to hear some of the really experienced people in the industry. Also evaluating the services and products from different vendors is something that you can't get a chance to do it often. Thanks to Terrapinn that they are organising an event like this every year.

I was looking for a remote web site backup tool. My web site is growing and became out of sync with the local copy. Mostly because of the pictures. I couldn't find anything on Sourceforge.net but I found a commercial application called SiteShelter. Some of the features are (copy paste from their web site):
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Configurable Version History Retention
  • EMails Logs and Notifications
  • Backup Mode Backs Up Internet Sites
  • Mirror Mode Mirrors Sites
  • Repair Mode Automatically Repairs Sites
  • Watch Mode Notifies of Changes
  • Estimator Function
  • Multiple Concurrent Sites
  • Supports Anonymous Logins
  • Configurable Start Directory
  • Flexible Automatic Scheduling
  • Configurable Log Detail
  • Works With All FTP Servers
  • Follows Symbolic Links
  • There is also a trial edition for 30 days which you can test your web site. I am testing now.

    I like the globalisation feature of .NET v2.0. That is a very easy to use feature to produce World ready applications. Here are the steps to use this feature:

    1. Add a resource file under App_GlobalResources with a culture name identifier explained here. If the default resource file name is Resource.resx which is for English; a Turkish resource file would be Resource.tr.resx.
    2. Enter strings that you would like to use in those resource files.
    3. Turn on the UICulture="Auto" of the aspx page in the @Page directive.
    4. Access to resx file through Resources class in the code behind like Resources.Resource.<name of the resource>

    When the page is loaded it checks the culture of the client and loads the proper resource class. I think, it is doing this with a proxy class like in the proxy pattern. It is good that you don't have to do the necessary plumbing to get the culture from client and load proper resource file.

    Part of "A Feature a Day" Series.

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