May 2006 Entries

Which Podcasts do you listen?

Here is my list and links to their feeds:

  1. Hanselminutes
  2. .NET Rocks!
  3. CMP DevNet .NET Cast
  4. ITC: Open Source
  5. Weekly Podcast
  6. Code
  8. SQL Down Under
  9. TPN:: G'day World
  10. The ASP.NET Podcast by Wallace B. McClure and Paul Glavich
Do you care to recommend any other .NET or programming related podcasts?

I think Microsoft sworn to finish Sourceforge Wink. CodePlex is providing an environment to developers to manage projects with the Team Foundation Server infrastructure. It is free and you can also download the Team Explorer image which comes with VS2005 Premier Partner Edition... awesome.

This installation also helped Process Template Editor which I have downloaded from Joel Semeniuk's blog. PTE is looking for Microsoft.TeamFoundation.* assemblies to edit process templates and they are installed with the image.

When we were back in Turkey, this Eurovison Song Contest wasn't an important event. But now my wife is getting crazy about it and thinking to buy all the DVDs, CDs available to date. I am telling here to buy Star Wars DVD set instead.
There were some extremist this year like Andorra and Finland. I have sugested to go to Andorra for holiday to my wife but she refused it. If they are wearing things like that just in the Eurovision, think about what they are wearing on the street Smile.
We were thinking that why there is no heavy metal groups in this contest, after all everything has been tried and tested and finally Finland did it. I was expecting something hard core out of those costoms but they were allright.
Being a part time musician made me think that the most of the singers were out of tune (detoned). Some of the songs were full of unnecessary instruments which makes the song unlistenable like the Turkish one. I think most of the composers took all the winner songs, listened them for about a week, and wrote the songs in one night.
Waiting for the second part. Oh god, what are we gonna do when this thing finished Tounge

My trainer Martin Granell from the Readify is back to blogging. His old blog site on is moved to his new domain

He has also published a nice application to slow down the startup of XP.

Welcome back Martin.

This tax cut calculator may be helpful for some. It is just indicative though but will give you an estimation at least.

It is that time of year again; I have installed XP on my laptop. I was running Windows 2003 Server for a while and it was good till I install Team Foundation Server on it. After the installation I can no longer install VS2005 and VS2003 wasn't opening any web projects. Lessons learned...

Backing up all personal data end restoring them is a good exercise too. I have about 7 gig personal data including databases, old projects, school assignments etc. I should get rid of some of them but they are like memories. I am strongly attached to them. I would like to ask how you organise your personal data? What do you do with them? Any suggestions?


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