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Thunderbird Logo Let me tell you, it wasn't easy to leave my good old MS Outlook. After I have lost all my mail archive at a recent hard disk failure (which was about 2gb big PST file); I said to myself: hey this is a good reason to try what is available out there. After a small search, I stumbled to Thunderbird as the most prominent e-mail client by many people in the open source area. I went to http://www.mozilla.org/projects/thunderbird/ and downloaded version 1.5.

It is a nice little, compact e-mail client and provides you most of the functionality to read and write e-mails. So far so good. As my universe used to revolve around the Outlook before to schedule my life, I have looked for same kind of calendar functionality in Thunderbird but there is no calendar out of the box. A small search again revealed this http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/ site. There are 2 options for calendar, first is Sunbird which is a standalone application for people who does not need an e-mail client open when they are working on their schedule. The other project called Lightning is an extension to Thunderbird and integrates nicely with it. Lightning is my choice because it is integrated.

The only other thing that I want is to be able to synchronize contacts, tasks and schedules with my ASUS A730W. I have found http://www.finchsync.com/ and only works for Sunbird calendar. There is no Lightning support yet. I have done everything as explained but I couldn't get it working. I also didn't want to switch to Sunbird/ May be this is good because I am now keeping all my appointments and tasks on my PDA and there is no actual need to synchronize all with the main computer.

All the usual e-mail filtering rules are exist as well. Somewhat better than MS Outlook. Scam and spam recognition is also nice.

My favorite anti-virus ClamWin is also recognizing viruses in Thunderbird profile folder which are coming with e-mails but you need to set ClamWin either to "report only" or "move to quarantine". If you select "remove", ClamWin may disturb the integrity of the Thunderbird mails folder and you may lost all your e-mails. Also, as an alternative you can use ClamMail.

As a conclusion, I am happy with this setup and planning to use it for a while. At least till I get bored with it and wanted to synchronize address book and calendar with my Asus PDA.

If anyone asks about what I want at my birthday. I want one of these.

They were out of resources for a while and not giving any new accounts. They have opened again last week and I have got an account for this blog.

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I also have 10 invitations to give away. If you want to get an account when they are closed to new applications; let me know at gurkan.yeniceri AT gmail DOT com.


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