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At my first day with Vista, I looked for a backup application. As I didn't want to install extra applications, I am now using Backup and Restore Center.

The only problem is mapped drives from network is not visible from the Complete PC Backup option. Why?

Does anyone know, how can I get the full backup written on a mapped network drive?



I was playing with Security Options on the COM+ Services. I was having a problem at work with this and was trying it out with my Windows 2003 Server installation (my main system). The problem was that a remote application wasn't connecting to COM+ server which both the client and the server was on the same domain.

In an attempt to solve this problem I have fiddled with every permission settings available on the server. Finally I've came to this screen and dissallowed Everyone from accessing to this COM server and let only System user access everything (screen shot taken from my Vista installation later) thinking that it will be more secure by this way. My Windows 2003 Server (RIP) died after this as I couldn't get into any property pages and couldn't even copy paste files in Windows Explorer.

Lessons learnt. Never ever fiddle with permission settings on COM+. The only advantage of this event was letting me install Vista. I've copied all my personal data to my ReadyNasNV+ with 7Zip and dived into Vista installation. I was going to wait till I get a better laptop but WTH. I like installations but not in the middle of projects and a busy life. Anyway, I have installed Vista Business and also Office 2007. I was telling before that I switched to Thunderbird but now I switched back again to Outlook which was like a warm wellcome for me.

I was thinking about this before. Using the wiki format in a company would be great. Especially if the team is diversed geographicaly are have people working from home.

It is cheap, easily maintainable and easy to update. May be you can create enough documentation finally by this way.

I have used wiki for my COMP8100 assignments and it worked realy well. I strongly suggest to use wiki in your company for the sake of making the documentation easier for developers. No more "what was the link of that word doco explaining functional specifications" kind of words will be spoken and there will be no excuses to lost the documents.

Most of the Open Source projects are doing it so why not companies and government agencies?


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I have changed my blog skin which I was using for a while. I now have a simpler skin which loads faster and easy to read. I have inspired by Joel Spolsky's blog for this skin.

My new skin is easy to use. Font and its size is selected carefully to increase the usability. I have worked on CSS really hard and created this one as fluid as possible. It scales nicely with any resolution.

I have also removed some menu items on the right to the archive page.

There is also a separate CSS for print outs which lets you print only the blog entry and its comments.

For the first time in my life, I have spent more money on a backup device then I spent on computers. It was a necessity for our family having all those digital pictures, videos, CDs and DVDs and personal data piling up for about 10 years of history that we own.

After having trouble with NetGear's SC101, I have decided to buy something solid and contributed about 2000AU$ on the way. I have read a lot about NAS devices on TomsHardware.com and other forums and decided to buy a ReadyNasNV+ with a 750Gb Seagate Barracuda hard disk. I bought it from Technology Warehouse in Mitchell as they are the only supplier in Canberra. It is distributed by www.primedigitalsystem.com.au in Australia.

This device has got 4 hot swappable SATA hard disk trays with a Raid0-5 and XRaid™ capability. You can have 3Tb maximum so starting with one 750Gb hard disk makes sense.

Trays of ReadyNasNV+

The box came with an American power cable which is a shame but it was easy to pull a power cable from my tool box to replace it. On the CD it comes with EMC Retrospect Professional™ for Mac and Windows (5 client license for Windows) for backup purposes. There is a network cable, hard disk screws and an installation manual in the box as well.

Box Content

The installation and creating the partitions took about 20min in total and I was ready to copy some of my files in about half an hour after setting up the device and creating the users and shares. As I am using Windows 2003 Server on my laptop, EMC Retrospect needs to be upgraded to Single Server version but you don't have to use EMC to backup your data.

By default, ReadyNas uses XRaid™ technology to setup hard disks. I let it go and got back 666Gb out of a 750Gb hard disk. (wohooo that is an evil number). I gave 100gb to my wife, 100gb to myself and rest is media and backups.

You can also attach printers, USB keys, a UPS or an external USB hard drive to backup the content of ReadyNasNV+.

ReadyNasNV+ also works as media streamer on your network and works with leading Network DVD players and SqueezeBox™ players. As I have put in just one hard disk, the temperature doesn't raise a lot and the fan behind doesn't work much. This is good noise wise at the moment.

E-mail notification is also a feature of this device and alerts you when there is an event happening which you want to know like failures, updates, UPS behavior etc.

Some of the features of the device:

  • 4 hot swappable trays with hardware RAID
  • System monitoring with e-mail alerts
  • Integrated backup manager
  • Multiple HD content streams
  • UPnP and AV support for media adapters
  • Easy scaling from 1 to 4 hard disks with X-Raid technology
  • Low power consumption
  • LCD status panel (invisible when it is turned off)
  • Auto updates its firmware
  • 1 year warranty
  • Acessible from Linux, Windows and Mac

Now next step is to create a modified boot CD downloaded from www.sysresccd.org and as explained at www.linux-magazine.com/Magazine/Downloads/73/Perl to backup entire HD on to ReadyNasNV+.

The only thing which is missing on the device is a Subversion repository which I believe possible to install by hacking the device a bit. I think company will do something about this in the future by giving SSH acess to the box. I wouldn't touch to any screw on it before the warranty goes out.

I have been tagged by my Italian==>Kiwi friend Simo to tell you my 5 things that I am not telling you. Here they are:

1- I am black belt both Aikido and Kenpo Karate. So be careful what you say .

2- I am a gym junkie and going to gym everyday. This year I am even planning to join the www.bodyforlife.com challenge. Not because this is one of the most effective system to reduce fat and gain muscle in 12 weeks as advertised but I am just curious to try and see the results with my own eyes.

3- I have a Linux partition on my laptop and it is Turkish (Pardus 2007)!!!

4- I am very punctuate with my appointments. If person did not turn up after 5 minutes of agreed time without notice, I will leave and feel like really pissed off. I would really like to punish this person because of his/her disrespectful behavior.

5- I couldn't find anything to write here. I am almost telling you everything about me. I guess this is one of the disadvantages of being an extraverted person.


Now it is my turn to tag 5 another people.


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