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Wooowww what a hail storm it was last night. Surprisingly Uzay slept through the storm and it was realy heavy on his window.

I have taken some pictures from the balcony and next morning in the city.

Hails gathering in the corner of the balcony

They were about a thumb big

Sky cleared right after the storm

Next morning trees were damaged

Canberra centre is closed due to damage

Leafs are shredded and workers are working hard to clean the city.

There are a lot of pictures uploaded on Flickr especially view from Yass is remarkable

There was also an electricity break out around Braddon and Turner, luckily I have unplugged all the computers and modem just before the storm.



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Here is the e-mail from Mitch Denny.

From: peter@stanski.com [mailto:peter@stanski.com] On Behalf Of Mitch Denny
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 7:19 AM
Subject: [aus-dotnet] Code Camp Oz 2007 (March 31st and April 1st)

Hi aus-dotnet’ers,

Code Camp Oz 2007 is nearly upon us and it’s time to start beating the drums to let the wider .NET developer community know about it. I’m e-mailing everyone here to help us get the word out since people on this mailing list really represent the influencers in our little community.

The event will be held on the 31st of March through to the 1st of April which is a Saturday and Sunday. We are trying to keep the location a secret, so if you can solve this word jumble you’ve earned the right to come along:

Wagga Wagga

That should confuse the Java folks :P Once again Charles Sturt University at the aforementioned location is hosting us for which we are thankful. The speaker list for the event is:

  • Workflow Foundation and BizTalk 2006 (making the kids play together)
  • Visual Studio 2005 Tips & Tricks
  • Protecting against code level attacks in .NET
  • Building a Real World WPF Application
  • Managing and Extending Team Foundation Server
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio (tentative)
  • New Code Analysis Stuff in Orcas (tentative)
  • XNA Studio
  • LINQ/ADO.NET Entities (tentative)
  • Extending CRM (tentative)
  • A Guide to Microsoft Synchronisation Technologies
  • Practical Magic/SOA
  • Microsoft Excel Services 2007

Some of those slots are tentative but should get firmed up over the next 48 hours. Greg and I think this gives us a pretty good coverage of topics people might be interested in at the moment.


Having solved the word jumble and checked your Calendar, all you need to do is send an e-mail to Greg and myself at registrations@codecampoz.com.


We have a list of hotels that you can book into up on the http://www.codecampoz.com web-site (will be updated shortly). The event itself is free, but you need to cover your own expenses such as transport and accommodation, in the case of transport you can e-mail transport@codecampoz.com and Corneliu will try and hook you up with other people that are travelling to the event just in case there is a chance of hitching a ride.


Right now the most important thing is getting the word out about the event, so forward this e-mail to other developers that you know (they don’t have to be .NET developers) and encourage them to come along. Why not arrange for your entire team to take the trip up (or down) together, it’s a great chance to get to know people and it’s not often you get to digest such a broad range of technical topics in one sitting.


 This is the must attend event of the year. I have been in the first one and couldn't attend to the second one because of our new addition to the family. This time I will try to be there.


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Google.code is started to provide Subversion service. It is easy to get your project hosted there and there is no looong approval process like Sourceforge. I have uploaded "Subtext smilies" WLW plugin there.

Seen at Scott Watermasysk's Blog

I have finally upgraded my blog to Subtext 1.9.4 and using ASP.NET 2.0 now. I was using 1.5 and I couldn't even getting into admin panel to post. I have fixed couple of quirks with my skin and added a different KickIt link to the "Share this post" page.

Feedburner and Akismet integrations are a big plus with this version. There is also a category display under each post.

Integrated Captcha is also available. It makes hard to leave comments but a good protection from spammers.

There are new skins at http://subtextskins.com/. Check it out our build server from http://haacked.dyndns.org/ccnet to get the latest binary or visit Sourceforge site  at  http://sourceforge.net/projects/subtext for the source. The documentation is piling up at http://subtextproject.com/ and you can see the contributers on the Frappr map from http://www.frappr.com/subtextdevelopers.

Subtext has got some emoticons and if you are using the FCK editor as your editor of choice, you can use these emoticons in your posts. But you have to post from the admin panel to use these.

If you are using Windows Live Writer; here is a plugin for you to utilise those emoticons from within WLW. It will be a direct img tag to the corresponding image inside your post. This can only work if you have the FCK editor installed on your site which comes with v1.9.

SubText Smilies

All you need to do is to enter your root Subtext installation so that the path can be constructed correctly. Your blog URL will be saved as soon you get out of the form so you don't have to enter everytime.

I have a DasBlog version of it here as well. I didn't forget the brothers...

DasBlog Smilies

Himmmm, shall I make a Wordpress version too?

Actually it would be a better World, if there was a file name standard of these emoticons. All these 3 blog engines has got the same thing with different names. Even Subtext has got it in two different places. (One in FCK editor the other in root\images\emotions). I should fix this rather than winging.

XFN Relations

There is a XFN relations plugin here. I made this one without searching the net to see if one is already exist. So here it is. I have taken the relationship names from our Subtext project as mentioned in the java script file. you can download it here.

XFN Links

I am glad that I have finally did something good for the community.


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