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For the first time in my life my GMail and Outlook address books are out of sync. GMail is more up to date now. Also My Google Reader and RSS Bandit are also out of sync and more up to date one is again Google Reader.

I didn't dive into Google Apps yet but I am afraid it is going to change things. I don't like having this online dependency but I am kinda like it. This puts less load on my laptop so that VS2005, SQL Server and IIS can have more RAM.


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I was looking for a mouse for my laptop and finally bought a Logitech G7 mouse. Here is the spec:

  1. 2000 dpi laser
  2. Cordless 
  3. Left and Right scroll on the wheel
  4. Precision adjustment (400, 800, 2000 dpi)

I strongly recommend to anyone who are looking for a mouse replacement for gaming as well as day to day computing. It comes with 2 Li-Ion batteries and a USB charger. The DPI resolution indicator on the mouse is also letting you know about the empty battery. Also this mouse fits into my palm perfectly.


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Community driven web site DotNetKicks goes open source. It is already community driven so why not open the code base to be improved, fixed, changed and enhanced by community. Gavin may finally spend some free time with his loved ones (or may be managing this project will require more effort ). 

Link to Gavin Joyce's Blog : DotNetKicks to be Open Sourced

He is using Google Code's Subversion feature on and management will be done via BaseCamp.


I am using Windows Vista. The last thing I saw was the Firekeeper Plugin update and Firefox stopped working after the last release of Firekeeper. It was beta anyway.

There is also an Application event if you look at the event viewer complaining about the Firekeeper plugin.

You need to uninstall Firekeeper but how. I have tried to delete the two Firekeeper.dll from




But I couldn't because of an unknown permission problem. I am not using UAC and I am an SA on the system and permissions look alright to delete these folders.

The only way was to restore the previous version of this folder by right clicking on the folder and select Previous Versions tab.

Previous Versions

I thought I have turned off this feature because it was costly but here you go. It saved the day. Firefox is running normal now. I should wait till the Firekeeper released to production.

Google sometimes returns this kind of results. Does anyone know how can I set this up for my site? Is it the Google Site Map? Or is there a secret club that I need to sign on.

Please send a comment If you know how.

Corey Trager of BugTracker.NET has sent this vbs script below which can be enhanced to integrate SVN and BugTracker. It grabs entries from SVN when files are committed and posts to the database that BugTracker.Net uses.

I didn't want this code to be lost in comments and copied here with formatting.

Thanks very much Corey.


option explicit

' This script is a Subversion "post-commit hook".
' To execute this script first create a file in your repository hooks folder
' called "post-commit.bat".

' Put just one line in the .bat file which will point to this script.
' c:\somewhere\btnet_post_commit.vbs %1 %2

' Put this script where the .bat file is pointing to, and then edit the
' lines below.

' Change this line so that it's the path to your Subversion\bin\svnlook.exe
dim svnlook_path
svnlook_path = """c:\program files\subversion\bin\svnlook"""

' Change the database connection string here.
' This is NOT the same as the one in web.config. Web.config is using ADO.NET.
' This one is using plain old ADO.
dim connection_string
connection_string = "Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=(local); Initial Catalog=btnet; User ID=sa; Password=;"

dim temp_file
temp_file = "C:\temp\btnet_svntemp.txt"


dim repos
dim rev
repos = wscript.arguments(0)
rev = wscript.arguments(1)
' repos = "c:\cit\svnrepos" for testing
' rev = 12 for testing

dim shell
set shell = WScript.Createobject("WScript.Shell")

dim cmd
dim results_object
dim log_string
dim changed_string

' run the svnlook log command
cmd = svnlook_path & " log -r " & rev & " " & repos
set results_object = shell.exec(cmd)
log_string = results_object.stdout.readall

' run the svnlook changed command
cmd = svnlook_path & " changed -r " & rev & " " & repos
set results_object = shell.exec(cmd)
changed_string = results_object.stdout.readall

' for debugging
' wscript.echo log_string
' wscript.echo changed_string

' look for the bugid as the first digits in the checkin comment
dim re
set re = new regexp
re.pattern = "^[0-9]*"

dim matches
set matches = re.execute(log_string)

dim bugid
if matches.count > 0 then
set bugid = matches(0)
' no digits, nothing to do
wscript.quit 0
end if

' at this point, we have a bugid

dim conn
set conn = createobject("adodb.connection")

' loop through the files, the output of the "changed" command
dim lines
lines = split(changed_string, vbcrlf)
if ubound(lines) > 0 then
dim i
for i = 0 to ubound(lines) - 1
dim cols
cols = split(lines(i), " ")
if ubound(cols) = 1 then
dim action
dim file
action = cols(0)
file = cols(1)

dim sql
sql = "insert into bug_file_revisions "
sql = sql & " (bfr_bug, bfr_revision, bfr_action, bfr_file, bfr_date) "
sql = sql & " values ($bug, $rev, N'$act', N'$file', getdate())"
sql = replace(sql,"$bug",bugid)
sql = replace(sql,"$rev",rev)
sql = replace(sql,"$act",action)
sql = replace(sql,"$file",file)


end if
end if

A presentation by Istanbul Halic Rotary Club to help achieve peace on earth by building bridges of understanding between different cultures and religions.

It shows us that poeple from different backgrounds have lived together in peace for many many years in the past. Why shouldn't they do the same in the future?

Please forward the message across, Thanks..

Jettez un coup d'oeil, jolie presenation sur la Turquie.





Türkçe =




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