I am back from holidays and alone at home these days. It is good time to strengthen my backup methodology and get a fully automated Rsync.

After long searches and trial and error, I have settled on to Rsync for the daily backup of personal data. Rsync is a *nix method of backing up data. The difference is it only transmits the changed part of the file which makes the backup time really short (after initial full backup off course).

I am still using Ghost for the whole HD image but that is another story.

I have used DeltaCopy latest version for both my Vista Ultimate laptop and my wife's XP. Download and install this little application.

Run "DeltaCopy Server" at the end of the installation and create a service as explained on the application window. Enter a username and password but change it to Local System account from the Services panel later.

 Click on image to enlarge.

Allow port 873 to be accessible on your Windows firewall.

And make it accessible only from internal addresses.

We need to tell to Rsync service about the directories that we want to backup so that those can be served on the wire. From the "DeltaCopy Server" application go to the "Virtual Directories" tab.

And setup the folder that you want to backup onto ReadyNAS.

Now everything is set and ready to go. Get into the admin panel of your ReadyNAS and schedule a backup. Select "Remote: Rsync Server" from the list of backup types and enter "computer name::backup" to the path text box. Replace the "computer name" with your computer name or IP address.

 Click on image to enlarge.

Click on "Test Connection" button to see if ReadyNAS can access your shares over Rsync.

On Step 2 choose where you want to save the backup and on Step 3 define the schedule.

On Step 4 adjust other options. If you want to keep deleted files in the backup check the "Remove deleted files on backup target" so that files can stay in backup even though they are deleted from the source.

Click on Apply button on the bottom right corner and you are ready to backup. If you are backing up the entire user directory, it is better that you logoff from your computer and run the backup job from the button on the ReadyNAS' front panel. Setup the jobs in a sequence for the backup button so that they can be fired out of schedule. Don't forget to click on "Apply" button to keep your settings.

Click on image to enlarge.

You can try the backup jobs by clicking on "Go" button.

This is the beauty of set & forget. Now I don't need to worry about synchronisation of my crucial and highly important files and pictures.

Have nice backups...


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# re: Backing up Vista with Rsync to ReadyNAS NV+

>>On Step 4 adjust other options. If you want to keep deleted files in the backup check the "Remove deleted files on backup target" so that files can stay in backup even though they are deleted from the source.

I think what you meant to say was that one should UNCHECK the "Remove deleted files on backup target" checkbox. Also do you know if this takes care of files that may be currently in use or locked by IIS or say Sql Server.

by VG on  7/9/2008 12:44 PM
# re: Backing up Vista with Rsync to ReadyNAS NV+

Any ideas if it's possible todo the backup the other way around? To let my windows client push the backup onto the ReadyNas, instead of having the ReadyNas pull it?

by Josef on  12/19/2008 3:03 AM
# save this blog

Since installing to Vista I couldn't get ReadyNAS to back it up. I was about to throw the whole enterprise in the garbage and came across your blog. All I can say is that this is brilliant. Works like a charm - small footprint, neat and tidy solution that incidentally works for applications other than ReadyNAS too. So all I can say is - don't kill this blog. When I blow my computer away in a year and Google "readynas rsync vista" again, I expect to see this blog pop up to remind me again how to do this. Thanks!! You saved me....

by Seth on  1/25/2009 1:41 PM
# re: Backing up Vista with Rsync to ReadyNAS NV+

I admit, I have not been on this webpage in a long time... however it was another joy to see It is such an important topic and ignored by so many, even professionals. I thank you to help making people more aware of possible issues.
Great stuff as usual....

by online forex trading platform on  3/27/2009 5:31 PM
# re: Backing up Vista with Rsync to ReadyNAS NV+

Nice and sweet!

by HY on  5/18/2009 12:35 AM
# re: Backing up Vista with Rsync to ReadyNAS NV+

That was an inspiring post,

It a great article, with some great easy to follow tips...

Keep up the good work,


by software development london on  10/19/2009 8:08 PM
# re: Backing up Vista with Rsync to ReadyNAS NV+

ååhhhhhh thank you thank you
You have really helped me with your advice,
I was incredibly pleased with this :)))))))))))))

if there is someone else with more great helpful tips
to ReadyNAS NV + which can be useful

so please tell me


by Lasse on  7/26/2011 12:59 AM

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