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Yes, I installed and using it for social web sites that I am on. Because of it's font smoothing, it is really useful for Google Reader, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed kind of sites where some text reading is required. I have looked for "font smoothing" plug-in for FF but looks like there is none. I didn't test IE8 yet, is there such a thing on IE8?


FF is still my favourite for development and with its useful plug-ins, World is a better place.

This idea came in the shower. A Facebook application which will list your ex-lovers which are also on Facebook. See who is brave enough... It's name would be something like Ex-Lovers Redux. :-)

I do gym everyday, eat well, active all the time but still cripple with genetic problems.

I have recently gone under a surgery to remove my thyroid. I never had surgery before and never even fainted once. I am still with wound covers. I will see the doctor on Monday to remove them and be free. I was expecting more outage but I am functional again quickly. I even had my deck oiled today.

Thyroidectomy problems are found with my high blood pressure problems. I was already going to a specialist for this and periodically checking everything. One of those checks was the PTH hormone test. When it was first high, doctor said we will look into it if the second one comes as high. The second one was high as well and I booked some more tests; one nuclear scan and another Thyroid ultrasound. Nuclear Scan was cool, you get a syringe full of radiative substance and after 10 minutes go into the big machine. After the tests you glow in the dark for a while. :-). On the Thyroid ultrasound  they have found this little tumour on it.It was an accidental find cause they were not looking for it. It was 7mm big and visible on the ultrasound screen. Doctor there recommended a fine needle aspiration and my first question was is local anaesthesia available. Doctor smiled and said there is nothing to worry. FNA didn't went well, it must be hard to stick needles to something that is 7mm big by looking through the ultrasound screen. Doctor could not get anything and there was no result. 3 months later I have booked another one.

Second tests were almost successful and it came up as "highly suspicious papillary micro-carcinoma". Dates booked for the surgery and it was done on 17th of April. Surgery took about 4 hours because a "frozen section" was necessary. This is a test done when I am sleeping to understand the nature of the tumour. It came up as cancer and I lost both sides of Thyroid. Surgery wen well and there is no harm done to my vocal chords. It also healed really quickly. Next day I have started to eat and Sunday afternoon I was at home.

Second part of the treatment is the radio iodine. I need to drink some more radiative liquid and sit in lead covered room for 2 days. When your radiation levels are 5% they sent you home advising not to touch your wife or kids and flush the toilet twice for about 3 weeks. In the mean time remaining cancer cells attract iodine and explode themselves.

Missing thyroid may make tiredness but I don't feel much at the moment. I even cleaned and re-oiled my deck. I am thinking to go back to work on Tuesday after I see the doctor on Monday and start gym again. See how it goes.

PS: You can call me "GY V1 Patch1" from now on.

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There is a meme going on at the "There is a Blog in My Soup" to increase blog traffic and make it easy to communicate with other people. Are you game?

I was writing about the del.icio.us feature to post links to your blog. Same feature exists on Flickr too. When you register your blog and try to send a test entry, it kinda works. I can see the entry on my blog but Flickr says failed. Come on guys (Flickr developers) we are there almost.

The importance of a proper address book is huge for me. Since I have started to use the Internet in 1994 (previous Amiga 500 BBS connections don't count), I kept a good accurate address book on Hotmail first, then moved this to my Outlook and Gmail.

When I open an account in Facebook, I have updated my address book with my old friends that I have found there and even tried to add a picture to each but never get around to get them all. All in all, I am proud of my address book on both Outlook and GMail.

Now the beauty of the Web2.0; when you join to web sites like Twitter, FrienFeed, Last.fm etc., you can give your Gmail or Hotmail etc. account credentials and search your friends automatically. Finding most of your friends depends on the accuracy of your address book.

I have too much accounts on the web on various web sites and meshed up this MS Visio diagram to see what goes where. This is the second version of the diagram.


Things are looking good at the moment. I still need to update my address book with the new friends on FriendFeed and Facebook.



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